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Update by user Jan 08, 2013

The owner of Safesetc called today and was very conciliatory, offering to restitute any costs we incurred as a result of dealing with the manufacturer, Cobalt.He was not aware of the way we were treated by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer did not communicate good information to Safestetc throughout this entire process.

The owner said he will be taking this issue up with them as it reflected poorly on Safestetc as well.

In talking with him, it also became apparent that the warranty as described on their website was not accurate in stating how things actually work, and he said he would correct that so it is more clear.So while there was some frustration and confusion in this situation, and some mistakes were made, I do not believe they were intentional on the part of Safesetc.

One other point to correct: it was the manufacturer, Cobalt, that advised us to tap the safe with a hammer to get it to open, not Safesetc.

Update by user Jan 07, 2013

Here's what I'm talking about: We opened the safe as soon as it was delivered and on the first attempt to operate it, it failed to work.We contacted them the next day and they walked us through some steps to get it to operate and it finally did open.

But it required the use of a hammer to do this each time. Since this problem occurred right out of the box, we expected they would just exchange the safe for us. But no, they referred us to the manufacturer. When a company is reselling and says they have a warranty, the reseller needs to honor it as stated, and not redirect consumers to whatever manufacturer they are working with.

The manufacturer was in the dark on this and didn't really want to help but we were able to finally get it resolved. Safesetc made this a total mess to begin with simply by not honoring their warranty as stated.

I suspect the people who have had good experiences with them have not really needed any customer service, or are buying so frequently they are getting preferred treatment in order for their business to be retained.But if you are just buying one safe, then realize that you are rolling the dice with these guys.

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2012

These guys totally screwed us over.The claim to offer a warranty but we received a product which was defective right out of the box, the referred us to the manufacturer instead of honoring the warranty!

The whole thing was a mess and took months to resolve. The refused to take in ownership or responsibility for the product that they sold to us. They even blamed us for mishandling the safe, even though we did nothing but take it out of the box and try to unlock it- which it wouldn't do!

Horrible customer service and a horrible service philosophy.Don't do business with the rinky-*** shop of novices and cheats if you can avoid it.

Review about: A Small Safe.


Oxnard, California, United States #1318052 is the WORST! Terrible customer service, like they don't have the time of day to deal with you. Wish I read this before buying a safe from them!!


They sent me the wrong product! Then didn't send me a return label until the last minute before a scheduled trip, that I warned them well ahead of.

They'll have to wait until I return, before I send the wrong product back. I gave them almost 2 weeks, and they didn't have enough foresight to get it together.

New York, New York, United States #588822

I dont know what this guy is talking about there service is great, we have a company will multiple locations, and they supply us will all our safes, we have been working with them for years and never had any issues, I have recommended them to all my family and friends.

to Happy ***sumer #1025150

" Happy Consumer", "we have a company", this is obviously from safesetc.

Van Nuys, California, United States #588814

This company is great, we have bought from them many many times and never had any issues, Give them a call and you will see, I don't like when consumers bad mouth a company I know is an honest, I'm sure they took care of it for him.

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